Monday, November 20, 2006


Tonight I'm going to make an exception and write about a different kind of book I purchased a few weeks back: Susanne F. Fincher's Coloring Mandalas: Circles of the Sacred Feminine. This book is the reason that my reading time has decreased slightly.

Coloring Mandalas includes an essay titled "Mandalas and the Sacred Feminine," but it is primarily an adult coloring book with varying images and designs. Some of the mandalas are strictly geometric designs, but others include drawings of the goddess in various forms both ancient, Eastern, and Western.

It's been quite amazing to me how much fun this book is. It provides hours and hours of relaxation. You can use almost anything to color the designs. I use colored markers and pencils. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the act of creating something with your hands. It is especially fun for those of us who cannot draw very well.


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