Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Into the Wild - Book & Film

Saturday, September 29, was one of those fabulous days. In the morning, I read the final pages of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, a book that captures the spirit of the human seeker - a quest narrative. I then drove with my husband to have lunch at one of our favorite places. This was followed up by the viewing of Sean Penn's film adaptation of Into the Wild.

The story behind Into the Wild is well-known, especially now with all the press surrounding the film. I found both the book and film captivating and brilliant. The quality of the film is only enhanced by an amazing and original soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.

Will the true story of Into the Wild appeal to all readers and viewers? Possibly not, but it has deeply touched me. We follow a young man (Christopher McCandless), disillusioned by society, who donates all of his money to charity and hits the road travelling - in pursuit of a simple and meaningful life.

Anyone who has ever considered leaving it all behind - material possessions, busy career, etc. - for a simple existence with nature will find much to admire here. Krakauer's need to view McCandless's story as a male quest was the only drawback for me. McCandless's philosophy and adventure will appeal to many women.

Highly recommended - book, movie, and soundtrack!


At 16.1.08 , Blogger Jeane said...

I was deeply touched by the film, and very curious when I realized at the end that it was based on a real incident. I just read the book a few weeks ago, it was just as good as the film and made me think a lot.

At 16.1.08 , Blogger stacy said...

Jeane, thank you for stopping by.


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