Monday, January 19, 2009

How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn

I never came across this modern classic until now. First published in 1939, the book, which was later made into a film, won the National Book Award.

Llewellyn's novel captures daily life in a Welsh valley exceptionally well through the protagonist Huw Morgan. As he prepares to leave, Huw reflects on his childhood and early adulthood, while telling the stories of numerous family members and villagers. The portrayal of his mother and father are particularly moving.

Since this novel takes place in a coal mining village, there are many tragedies, as can be expected. Issues of the rights of the working class, male and female roles, and ethnic identity all come into play. This is a dense work that lovers of complex literature will find compelling.


At 23.1.09 , Blogger Jeane said...

This is a book my mother always had on her shelf. I've tried to read it once but had a difficult time getting into it. I should give it another attempt.


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