Monday, January 02, 2006

Books Read 2005

Beginning in 2001, I started recording each book I read during the year in a small notebook. I now have a tradition of typing up the list after the new year. This will be the first time that my list is online. (In mid-2005, I started reviewing books for Library Journal. An asterisk follows the titles of the books I reviewed.)

1. Coelho, Paulo. Veronika Decides to Die
2. Hathaway, Katharine Butler. The Little Locksmith
3. Colette. Break of Day
4. Kingston, Maxine Hong. The Fifth Book of Peace
5. Shulman, Alix Kates. Drinking the Rain
6. Hegi, Ursula. Stones from the River
7. Erdrich, Louise. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse
8. Sikelianos, Eleni. The California Poem
9. MacLaine, Shirley. Out on a Limb
10. Brown, Stephanie. Allegory of the Supermarket (Poems)
11. Gaines, Ernest. Mozart and Leadbelly*
12. Epic of Gilgamesh
13. Brittain, Vera. Testament of Youth
14. Chicago, Judy. Beyond the Flower: The Autobiography of a Feminist Artist
15. Briggs, Julia. Virginia Woolf: An Inner Life*
16. Best American Essays 2005*
17. Gorman, Michael. Our Own Selves: Meditations for Librarians
18. Lessing, Doris. Time Bites: Views & Reviews*
19. Smith, Alexander McCall. No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
20. Smith, Alexander McCall. Sunday Philosophy Club
21. Kavan, Anna. Asylum Piece
22. Kavan, Anna. Julia & the Bazooka
23. Martin, Steve. Shopgirl
24. Bolen, Jean Shinoda. Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World
25. Brownley, Martine Watson & Kimmich, Allison B. (Eds.). Women and Autobiography
26. Feinstein, Elaine. Anna of all the Russias: The Life of Anna Akhmatova*
27. Kostova, Elizabeth. The Historian


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