Monday, September 04, 2006

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I came across Kim Edwards' The Memory Keeper's Daughter at the bookstore Saturday evening. I refrained from buying it, since my goal is to spend less and save. True to my addiction, however, I kept seeing the book in my mind all night and into the next day. I then took the next step and looked up the author online and the book on Amazon.

Sunday afternoon I decided to go back to the bookstore and read the first chapter while drinking some coffee. If I felt like I had to keep reading, I told myself, I would give in and buy it. So, there I sat and found myself immediately under the trance of Edwards' excellently crafted story.

The story begins in March 1964 when an orthopedic doctor finds himself in an emergency created by a snow storm. His wife is about to give birth and he must deliver the baby. After his son is delivered, his wife continues to act as if she is in labor. He discovers there is a second baby. His wife is gassed and unaware of what is to follow.

After delivering the second baby, the doctor discovers the baby girl has Down's syndrome. He asks the nurse to take the baby away to the Home for the Feebleminded. Once his wife awakens, he tells her she had twins, but the baby daughter died. The drama only begins here. The nurse, as instructed, takes the baby away, but ends up leaving town and taking the baby with her to raise.

I'm on p. 112 of 401 pages. This book cannot be put down.


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